Steelcase Free Standing Desks & Seating

One of Steelcase® most innovative office furniture solutions is the Steelcase free standing desks and chairs know as Steelcase B. Most people who think of “Steelcase®” office furniture just think of cubicles but Steelcase® is a leading provider of file cabinets, office chairs, conference tables, modular office furniture and desks. One of the newest lines of Steelcase® is the free standing Steelcase® Desks & Chairs known as Steelcase® B.

Free standing Steelcase® Desks and Chairs offer employees an opportunity to move around during the day and feel so confined. Companies are realizing that the more comfortable an employee is, the more productive that employee is during the day. Free standing Steelcase® Desks also offer opportunities for open collaboration between colleagues while still maintaining privacy for work.

As the Steelcase free standing desks known as Steelcase B are relatively new on the market, it will probably be a while before they show up on a preowned Steelcase® site but check back often and we will let you know if and where we find some!


Why buy preowned Steelcase?

Refurbished Steelcase® Cubicles

Refurbished Steelcase® Cubicles chose Steelcase® office furniture to feature because Steelcasse® is one of the top brands in the office furniture industry.  Steelcase® manufactures cubicles, panel system and office furniture including lateral files, vertical files, conference tables and desks.  Preowned Steelcase® products have outstanding integrity due to its flexibility, durability, options in fabrics and finishes and accessories.

At your company can find companies that offer used used and remanufactured preowned Steelcase® office furniture, cubicles, panel systems, chairs and conference tablesavailable in Texas. Purchasing preowned Steelcase® office furniture and/or refurbished office furniture and cubicles is an extremely cost-effective option for businesses looking to outfit their workspace with stylish and expertly crafted office furniture and cubicles.

Many companies such as OfficeMakers® in Houston specialize in refurbishing preowned Steelcase® office furniture as well as the 9000 and Avenir Panel systems. With over 30,000 panels in stock, they can supply you with the inventory needed to repair or refurbish your current Steelcase® 9000 or Avenir system.

There are many benefits to buy preowned Steelcase® office furniture:

  • Staying green – buy preowned office furniture prices reduces your company’s carbon footprint.
  • Affordability – Customers often save 70%-80% over new office furniture at retail prices.
  • Fast Delivery – Used office furniture is “in-stock” and on the showroom floor waiting for you.

A few of the many preowned Steelcase products you see featured (and where to find them) on this blog are:

  • Steelcase® Cubicles
  • Steelcase® 9000
  • Steelcase® Avenir
  • Conference Tables
  • Desks
  • Leap Chairs
  • Criterian Chairs
  • Bookcases
  • Lateral Files – 800 Series
  • Lateral Files – 900 Series
  • Lateral Files – Montage Series
  • Vertical Files
  • Storage Cabinets

Check back often to find updates on preowned Steelcase® office furniture, cubicles and the best deals being offered.